Bike transport in Serbia

Having been told that neither trains nor buses will carry bikes in Serbia we initially approached our Budapest to Belgrade leg with some trepidation. How were we going to return from Belgrade? Perhaps others have had similar qualms.
Finally, having boxed the bikes to fly to our start in Budapest, we were delighted to find a really switched-on (and sophisticated) bike shop in Belgrade only 5 kms from the airport who, at a week's notice, not only provided the boxes but packed and sealed the bikes too for our return flight. All this for the equivalent of €25 for the two bikes. Then, magic, the shop owner knew a taxi-driver (who has his bike serviced at the shop) who took us to the airport (15 minutes) for a further €10 each.
I am very happy to share this info with readers:
The shop is Pilote ( at Dusana Vukasovica 42 in Blok 61. The owner is: Uros ( on +381 062 222 825. All the staff speak reasonably good English. Their other telephone numbers are +381 112 287 319, +381 600 287 313, +381 606 664 040.

Highly recommended.
Francis Geere
PS And the ride out to the bike shop from the centre is delightful: right bank of the Sava, across the wooded island and a rapid ferry service to the left bank from which the shop is only a few blocks.
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