Euro Velo 6 route Bulgaria - Svishtov - Krivina - Batin - Mechka - Pirgovo - Rousse

I want to share my and another 16 people's experience during this section of the road. By the map the route goes trough Novgrad but there is also sign that you could use Krivina as alternate path. Because wanted to check another option we moved over the alternative path.

Krivina - Batin - Road is 30% asphalt. The other part is dust covered with traktor trails (dry).
Batin - Mechka - There are 2 options here. Two signs one from left (closer to the river) the other from the center of the village and exending the road with 6km. Both roads are marked as Velo euro 6 road. We took the closer and shorter path. We found a road covered with trees and bushes. Without helmet and sunglasses we would look like somebody just lynched us. Let's softly say the road cannot be crossed. Consequences - 5 tubes out, 3 curve wheels, accompanying car with broken front glass. The worst track ever. It's going to be obstacle even for Bear Grylls.


Mechka - Pirgovo - Normal road no problems at all. There are signs for "Velo euro 6" trough Pirgovo for Rousse.
Pirgovo - Rousse - The road goes directly to the highway E85 for Rousse and it's VERY DANGEROUS to drive on the highway and also it's not permitted for bicycles. This should be re-tracked.

Could someone give me information how to escalate these problems so no other people get into this trap ?
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