Re: looking for companion for French Burgundy leg - Dole to Nevers 10 to 16 Sept 2013

Hi all,
Looking for a cycling companion for the Burgundy leg of France (west to east).
Am planning on travelling west direction - Dole to Nevers and hope to do around 70 km per day.
If interested, please let me know.
Many thanks,


  • Hi Richard,
    I'm leaving Nantes on Sept 7th and heading for Nevers Sept 14th so 70km per day is fairly consistent with my own plans. I intend to camp all the way. If your interested in joining me for part of the trip, drop me a mail at bauhaus111 @ yahoo com. I may deviate slightly from the eurovelo route if there are some 'must see' cultural diversions so am fairly flexible.
  • Correction - just read it again and see that your heading west (not east). My apologies. Have a good trip!
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