Canal du Rhone Au Rhin from Basel/Mulhouse to Strasbourg

I am starting to plan for a 2012 bike trip across France on the Eurovelo 6 route. I will be starting in Saint-Nazare, and will depart the Eurovelo 6 route in Basel or Mulhouse, and will ride north from there to Strasbourg, where my trip will end.

I would like to receive information on how and where I could join the Canal du Rhone Au Rhin near Mulhouse. I have heard that this canal has a bike/ped path along it, but I don't know if it is a continuous route all the way from Mulhouse to Strasbourg.

Thank you for any information on this route.

Frank Moritz
Denver, Colorado, USA


  • Hello, you can join the Canal du Rhone Au Rhin at Dannemarie, before Mulhouse. Or you can go to Mulhouse, then to Huningue.Here you can follow some lottle canals up to Frisenheim, and you will join the Canal du Rhone Au Rhin which will bring you to Strasbourg. I think the second way is better, the route will certainly be more comfortable with a bike.
    Thank you and have a good trip!!

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