What maps do I need for EV6?


I am confused by this link. http://www.eurovelo6.org/rubriques/gauche/buy-map

It looks like I have to buy 8 maps and guidebooks?. That seems like allot to carry around?, and at considerable expense?. I want to do the whole route, from Saint Nazaire to Constantas.



  • hey mike have you found any answers to this yet?
  • Yes, thank you. I bought the 4 bikeline maps for the Danube(pretty heavy). I also bought the 6 maps set of France by Michelin. I have about 200 to 400km in Germany and Switzerland, I just photocopied some google maps for this, as it is mainly on the Rhine, I should not get lost too much. From Singen to Donnausingen(source of Danube) is about 100km of uphill cycling. I am told you can purchase these maps at info centers. thanks
  • Ah, i see. Well that's not too tckriy at all!"
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