Re: looking for fellow ev6 tourers

hi we are an english couple mid fifties based in sw france with some long distance experience.we are looking to get a group together with the aim of completing the ev6 from west to east in 2013.
the plan is to use a support vehicle to carry camping gear etc and ride as light as possible.on a shared cost basis, numbers are flexible at this stage ,and all to be discussed and agreed beforhand.
any interest contact to discuss plans



  • Hi Al, read your plan with interest as i have been planning the full ride for some time.
    Have bought the cicerone book for the final stage in bulgaria.
    I am a retired nzer, done numerous overseas cycle tours, none in europe, but certainly feel capable of handling any language barrier.
    my research shows may/ june the best time to start to avoid the rush.
    A support vehicle does make it easier, do you propose the cyclists share the driving or have a dedicated driver?
    where do you wish to start from ?flights from nz go to paris, nice, northern spain.
    no concerns over daily distances, pretty fit and easy going, prefer a mix of camping/hostels etc
    so yes , interested.
    bye david
  • I spend a month this summer cycling from Barnstaple, Devon to Vienna and have now started planning to complete the journey to the Black Sea. I too am in my fifties, a semi retired teacher with potentially useful language skills and considerable experience of long distance travelling through Europe. A support team sounds sensible, especially after Hungary. I can be contacted via email
  • hello .. I'm in SW France too and am planning to start at St Nazaire around July time. Similar age to you two. Not intending to camp though but could change my mind !

  • My wife and I cycled from La Baule (west of St Nazaire, 1950 kms) all the way along the EV6 to Ulm earlier this year. We would recommend that you start in La Baule - rather than just in St Nazaire. La Baule is a beautiful start to the trip. Good luck. Peter
  • Dpantonatgranitecottage: why do you feel it is good to have a support vehicle "especially after Hungary"? I plan on doing this route in 2013 but unsupported by a vehicle. And I'm 66! Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Andy and others,

    I too would like to cycle the route.
    I am 61 year old female...from USA and have a month (maybe more) to ride as far as your scheduled for that duration.
    Because I work in the education field, the earliest I could leave would be June 24th or later.
    I would ride with you as far as I can, share expenses, etc.
    I too, would prefer not to camp, as that would mean bringing so much luggage, but if this is the plan I will consider it.
    I have toured extensively in the US and Canada, even Ireland and UK on long tours and have all the 'stuff'. I can fix a flat and do basic on the road repairs.
    I am curious if you have an estimated daily mileage. The rider pace is not a concern. Though I am not a fast rider, I am a good map reader and will get to the destination on my own.
    I just like the idea of having travelling companions during the ride or at least at the end of the day.
    I may be able to interest a friend in coming and sharing expenses, as he prefers to ride with van support.
    But that is another matter.
    At your convenience, please email me if you think I might be able to join you.
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