Re: Budapest - Vienna on the Eurovelo 6

Hi Folks,

What is the best route between Bp and Vienna?

I have heard that the Hungarian side is horrid and the Slovak side is better, better suraces, less traffic...

I will be riding with a group of my students and several have little experience in the saddle for long days so I want the best, easiest route possible.



  • Hi,

    I just returned from a bycicle trip and done this part also.
    So, from Komarom to Bratislava, if you go on the hungarian side is not good. The route is far away from the Danube, you go very much on the car roads and sometimes on some roads which can't be called roads because are very bad, with holes and a lot of grass on it. So, I recomand the slovakian side...
  • We found the Hungarian side a doddle. From Bratislava the Hungarian side, through country villages, beats the dyke-top Slovak side. You can cross to Slovakia later and re-cross again at Esztergom.
  • If there's any essential good piece of advice I'd give, it is simply:

    Do not cross into Hungary at Komarom!

    All the way to Esztergom, Velo6 is actually on main roads full of cars and massive trucks blowing you off the road. We had a few close calls. Hungarian drivers are some of the (if not "the") least curteous drivers towards cyclists in all countries I've cycled in Europe and there are quite a few...
    Saying that, most Slovakians living in the villages close to the danube are ethnic Hungarians anyway but for some reason they seem nicer towards cyclists. It helps that the roads are better too.

    Stay on the Slovak side until you have to cross at Esztergom. From there on, there's a cycle lane into Budapest with only a couple of bits on main road.
  • Can somebody help me please with the distance from Vienna tu budappest? Thanks
  • Can anybody tell us what we have to bring during our eurovelo6 cycling trip from Austria to Nantes starting from May 30 to July 14 2014. We have a group about 15 people from Hongkong who are participating in this event and would join the AF3V as members.
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